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about us


Who are we?

SMF Corp is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by African and American people of goodwill who want to put their experiences on humanitarian issues in order to contribute to the improvement of human life in an environment more and more hostile. 


Our Mission

It stems from the fact that the uncontrolled development of mineral resources, particularly in countries with subsurface raw materials, is a factor in the destruction of the environment, especially when mining is not well codified and regulated. It follows that instead of the resources derived from this activity being used to improve the living conditions of the riparian populations. The activity creates environmental degradation through abandoned mine sites after exploitation. Based on this observation and the field studies. Abandoned mining sites pose a host of other problems in relation to the lives of humans, plants, animals, etc. For humans, there is the search for new sites to recast and undertake normal agricultural activities. Plants also undergo degradation;
Animals no longer find a suitable setting for their lives.
It can be deduced from this that the poor exploitation of mining sites endangers the lives of humans with several material damages.


OUR Values

The stated articulations of our program of activities impose us as a primary value  • The pragmatism • Efficiency • Solidarity
• The collaboration  • The methodological management of our finances backed on a financial level in the short, medium and long term. 


Our events

The regular holding of our Board of Directors, the first of which is scheduled for the end of December 2019.