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About Us

About the Founders

Our founders are well qualified for their positions and value sustainability, transparency in management and social justice above all else. As civil servants of the Treasury Administration of the Republic of Cameroon, the founders are well acquainted with the issues that are present in Africa. They are adamant about facilitating change and obtaining the resources that are necessary to improve the harsh reality of environmental damage and its debilitating impact on the people who inhabit the land.  

With the combined efforts of their team and funders, each founder will address each issue and work towards change. They will see that pollution, abandonment of mining sites, and suffering refugees are helped one step at a time to work towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Make A Difference Today

Our Vision

In a world of progress and ongoing advancements, there is little to be said about environmental conservation and awareness. Many individuals remain blissfully ignorant of issues outside of their own countries, specifically how other people are suffering due to pollution, poor sanitation, and major ecological issues. In Africa this has become a problem that we cannot hope to ignore any longer.  In addition to poverty, starvation and lack of clean drinking water, the world must also be aware of the environmental damage that is caused every single day.

Southland Minerals Foundation Corporation will make it a topmost priority to protect the environment, save the planet, restore abandoned mining sites and ensure the protection of biodiversity. We will also protect spaces that are dying and disappearing and fight against some disfunctions of society, such as the bribery and corruption that prevents some countries from developing.  Together, we can take a stance against pollution and domestic nuisances by promoting information and awareness on these critical matters, as well as resources to improve conditions.