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Southland Minerals Foundation Corp

Our Mission

Southland Minerals Foundation Corporation is a vital 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to facilitating change by protecting the environment, restoring abandoned mining sites and making life easier for struggling individuals in Africa. Our main objectives are to: preserve nature in its manifestations of minerals, plants and animals, as well as rehabilitate dilapidated mining sites that have been deserted. In accomplishing our goals, we hope to revitalize and beautify sustainable landscapes while simultaneously improving working conditions for farmers and other individuals, such as migrants and refugees.

Make A Difference Today

  • Rehabilitation of abandoned sites;
  • Improve the living conditions of the populations in situation of environmental disaster;
  • Support for education and the health of populations;
  • The development of training programs to cope with environmental constraints;
  • Ecological monitoring
  • The fight against extreme inequalities
  • Promoting a healthy diet free from the negative effects of natural deconstruction
  • The valuation of human and natural resources
  • Restore hope to people left behind

About us

SMF Corp is a non-profit organization created by people of goodwill willing to put their experiences on humanitarian issues in order to contribute to improving the lives of men in an increasingly hostile environment. SMF work is to protect the environment and promote ambitious solutions to the critical issues we face as a global community, we have a moral obligation to take action against the injustices visited on the earth in a peaceful non violent manner. SMF is a global non profit organization connecting to other nonprofits, donors and companies in many countries.

Our team members

We have Chromaticians working in all web disciplines and in nearly every major timezone. Our "all-hands" team calls are usually pretty fun: some are just starting their day – others are just starting dinner.

Marie Crawford
Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Expertise: Architecture, Back-End, DevOps

Debra Oliver
Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Expertise: Legal & Financial, Operations

team member
Jesse Bell
Senior Developer

Expertise: Back-End, Front-End

team member
Wayne Ortega
Manager of People Operations

Expertise: HR


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